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Chimera Ware characters, clothes, and textures for
Poser 4, a 3D Character and Figure Design Tool fromhorozLogo.jpg (7158 bytes)

What is new?

Cresswell Graphics is re-organizing the website, so please overlook any glitches for now :-)

In the works, a subdomain for my fellow artist and poser freak greeneyes

and also a new home for Chimera Ware products and freebies, so this area can be for galleries and ramblings and such........




A balustrade for your scenes

rendered here by Lee Alverson

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Thanks Lee!

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Chimera Ware Characters and Textures

to purchase Chimera Ware items, visit my

store at Renderotica, or The GRC, or my tent at the 3D Bazaar

Chimera Ware Freebies

Terragen Gallery

Renderotica Gallery

The GRC Gallery

Elfwood Gallery


Tutorial: Painting Hair (Painter)

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